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Who We Are


The move towards hyperlocalism is so important. It’s not just about loving your city, it’s about loving the city within the city. It’s about knowing your neighbors, supporting the businesses just outside your doorstep, and creating community where you live. Neighborhood pride helps to bring us all together.
— Torie Partridge

Our Team

Torie Partridge, Owner + Creative Director

Sam Mooney, Shop + Wholesale Manager


The Idea

The very first map was created by Torie Partridge for Petworth neighborhood in Washington, DC. The print was so well-loved by her neighbors that she began to illustrated other neighborhoods, a journey that's evolved to become the Neighborhood Maps Project. Torie is working to map all of DC's 130+ neighborhoods as well as cities. The maps collection celebrates local community, neighborhood pride, and all the places you call home.

Style & Color

Each neighborhood map is designed and illustrated by Torie. For each neighborhood she creates, she researches its character and personality to help inform color choices that match the look and feel of the community and architecture. Each hand-drawn map has a color palette that’s as unique as the neighborhood itself and is created in our design studio in Washington, DC.

Local + With Love

We’re working to make our prints as environmentally-friendly as possible. Each piece is printed at a local printshop using 100% wind-power on 100lb Eco-silk paper using soy-based inks, for the maximum lightfastness, color accuracy, and paper quality, with the minimum environmental impact.